Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach

Most Facebook Pages use to see 15-20% organic reach. However, the past few years has seen a significant drop in these numbers. This does not come as a surprise for any social media marketer, but for small business owners the drop in organic reach can be daunting. So how can Facebook Page owners boost their organic reach? Thanks to a recent article from Post Planner, we have the “Top Ten” strategies to boost organic reach.


  1. Show your personality!
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Use images.
  4. Provide an inside look.
  5. Measure and reproduce what works.
  6. Share your Fan’s content.
  7. Keep your posts simple.
  8. Use a consistent voice and post useful content.
  9. Love and appreciate your followers.
  10. Be funny, and have fun.

To succeed on Facebook in 2018, you’ll need to do these Top 10 Tips and more.  But when it comes to “more,” there are a few primary strategies, with the two biggest new strategies being Facebook Live Video and Facebook Non-Live Video. Facebook is always evolving, and users needs are constantly changing. Staying up to date on the latest trends is crucial in growing your organic reach.


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