Capture Your Target Audience's Attention

There are over 1.8 billion active users on Facebook worldwide. This means that whether you are a local pizza shop, or a multi-billion dollar brand, Facebook is an unavoidable channel if you are going to utilize social media marketing.
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Capturing a percentage of your target audience’s interest can be difficult. Your company’s Facebook strategy must be clear, actionable and an accurate representation of your brand. To do this, you need these 5 easy steps:
1.    Needs Based Goals
Is your goal audience growth, creating brand awareness or increasing sales? These three common goals all require different tactics.
2.    Understand your Facebook Audience
Facebook Audience Insight allows you to understand who your followers are and what they look like broken down by Age, Gender, Marital Status, Location, Income and many more. This allows you to answer the simple question, what does my average Fan look like?
3.    Create a Comfortable Cadence
Surveys show that “Followers” or “Fans” tend to be steered away by too much ad content. Know when to say when. Most of the time, less is more, but it also needs to be consistent and scheduled.
4.    Stability in Engagement
Use a social media scheduler. As we like to say, keep them interested. Do not become lazy or forget to stay socially active. When you take a break, your customers take a break from you.
5.    Understand your Work
This is without a doubt one of the most important steps that is often overlooked. Analyze your results. Did the campaign work? Did it achieve the goals you laid out in Step 1? If you answered “no” for either of those questions, why not? What can be changed next time to better achieve your goals? If it did have success, how can you repeat the process for next time?
At the end of the day, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media channel that exists. Your audience and prospective audience are already spending a considerable amount of time on Facebook, therefore it is the most effective manner to reach said audience.


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