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In a world dominated by techology, it is more important than ever to have control of your information out on the internet. You think Google or Yahoo will update this for you, and the other search engines will follow suit? This is not the case. It is up to you to keep your information correct.


For 20 years, your website was the centerpiece of your digital experience. But now at the exact moment of intent, your customers don’t see web results: they get maps, voice search answers, chats, and Knowledge Cards, which you don’t control.

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Yext allows you to control this information; to make that the search results people find are the ones you want consumers to find, through Digital Knowledge Management.


What is Digital Knowledge Management and why does it matter? Here are five reasons:


Being Found

How do you think the rankings are devised when someone is looking for “...a pizza place near me?” Proximity matters of course. It’s one of the leading factors. Yet, in order to be considered, you have to be listed on the search engines. Without being listed, your information will not show. Your competitors will, but your business will not be factored into the consumers decision making process. Yext allows you to be listed on over 70 plus search engines (Google, Yahoo,Facebook, Bing, Yelp, etc.). Quite simply, if you want to be found, you need to be listed.



Yext not only lists you on 70 plus sites, it verifies youScreen Shot 2018-12-26 at 8.42.02 PM
on them as well. These are safe, secured and verified listings. What does this mean? First, it means that no one can access this information besides you! So, no bad information will be out on the internet about your business! As for verified listings, these hold even more weight on the internet, and will help your rank even more. These give confidence to the consumer that the information they are seeing is correct.



Not only is it extremely important to be listed on all the search engines, but your information needs to be correct across all search engines. Consistency matters when devising rankings. You can keep your information consistent one of two ways. The first, you can go to each website and create a username, password and login and then update the information for each website every time you need to update something. This takes a long time and is nearly impossible. Just think about all the things that are constantly changing for your business. Prices, menu items, pictures, hours of operation (Holiday hours). To have to update this on each site would be a huge pain. Yext’s Digital Knowledge Manager allows you to update your information you want and it will update across all search engines. This allows your information to stay consistent.



Reviews also play a big part in rankings. The more reviews you have the more legitimate your business is, the more people want to find you. But, it’s positive reviews that you need. Yext’s Digital Knowledge Manager allows you to maintain your reviews, respond to them individually, build rapport with consumers or remedy situations. Not only that, but you can review generate. Send an email to your clients asking for reviews. This will help build your brand and grow your business.


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